33-year-old WWE RAW Star teases forbidden door "dream" match with Mercedes Moné (Sasha Banks) 

Mercedes Moné recently made her NJPW debut
Mercedes Moné recently made her NJPW debut

Since leaving WWE last year and having made her debut for New Japan Pro Wrestling in January 2023, Mercedes Moné (f.k.a Sasha Banks) has attracted the attention of RAW Superstar Mia Yim.

Despite both being a part of World Wrestling Entertainment at the same time, Yim and Banks never faced off in the ring as they usually performed on different shows.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Mia was asked if she would ever like to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling, leading her to jokingly ask her O.C. teammates AJ Styles and Karl Anderson to bring her to the land of the rising sun.

"I am. I've wrestled in Japan many, many times, but I've always wanted to wrestle for New Japan," Yim said. "So that is on the bucket list. So A.J., Karl, make sure you bring me next time. I'm still offended you didn't."

Mia Yim then went on to say that Mercedes Moné is a dream opponent of hers.

"Definitely, a dream match, for sure." H/T (WrestlincInc)

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Despite cementing herself as one of the most talented and iconic female wrestlers of all time, Mercedes Moné (f.k.a Sasha Banks) left WWE last year in a rather sour fashion, as she walked out of the arena prior to RAW due to her dissatisfaction around the current booking.

Former WWE manager on Sasha Banks leaving the company

Whilst many stars have left World Wrestling Entertainment on much worse notes, they have always found a way of reconciling their differences with those at the top.

However, whilst speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, former WWE Manager Dutch Mantell (a.k.a Zeb Colter) believes Moné should not have left the company the way she did.

"I think Sasha's kind of burned a bridge. She's made some statements that WWE would look silly by taking her back. I could be wrong. See, that's what I always didn't understand about wrestlers, they get mad at somebody and say 'I'll never work [here]' Why would you ever say that? You might see a day where you might need to go work for a company to make the money you were making before, but you said so much bullcrap that they can't trust you or don't like you. I never understood that. When I left, I always left a place trying to leave it better." (1:34 - 2:37) H/T (Sportskeeda)

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During her time in the company, Moné won the RAW, SmackDown, and NXT Women's titles on various occasions, as well as making history by being one of the few women to be a WrestleMania main eventer.

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