34-year-old star is called "a bigger bi*ch than CM Punk"

CM Punk cutting a promo on WWE RAW
CM Punk cutting a promo on WWE RAW [Image via WWE YouTube]

A former AEW star was called "a bigger bi*ch than CM Punk" by a prominent TV personality.

Joey Janela is currently a mainstay in GCW. The 34-year-old also had a stint in AEW between 2019 and 2022. He is currently having an amusing Twitter exchange with TV personality Ricky Berwick, and the duo have taken multiple shots at each other.

In a recent interview, Ricky Berwick took a massive shot at Joey Janela and dragged current WWE Superstar CM Punk into the beef.

"He comes at me being like, 'Are you talking about me, b***h?' So I'm like, 'Who the f**k are you?' He's like, 'I'm Joey Jabroni.' Bro, I don't know who the hell you are, but you are in my timeline. So we are going back and forth, and let me tell you... He is a bigger b**ch than CM Punk!" Berwick said.

Check out the tweet HERE.

Joey Janela once 'banned' CM Punk from the GCW locker room

Last year, Punk joked about never having watched a Rocky movie. This comment received a hilarious response from Joey Janela during his appearance on Haus of Wrestling.

Janela stated that he had banned Punk from entering the GCW locker room. He further joked that Punk would have to watch every single Rocky movie if he wanted the ban to be lifted.

“No, I just can’t believe somebody hasn’t watched the Rocky movies. It’s a shame, he’s a multi-millionaire, former many time world champion. He can’t spend two days watching every Rocky movie? He needs to have proof. I have a friend who owns a movie theater in Chicago, I will work out a deal where he has to watch every Rocky movie, including the Creed movies and the sixth Rocky movie that nobody remembers. [The Creed movies] are the best ones, he’s gotta watch them all in a row. That’s the only way he can come into the GCW locker room." [H/T 411Mania]

It remains to be seen if Punk responds to being dragged by Ricky Berwick in his 'feud' with Joey Janela. The former WWE Champion is currently focused on his upcoming face-off with Cody Rhodes on next week's episode of RAW.

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