42-year-old star opens up about "champagne problems" on being involved with both WWE and AEW

WWE and AEW are one of the biggest Wrestling promotions
WWE and AEW are two of the biggest Wrestling promotions

Having been involved with both WWE and AEW, 42-year-old Hollywood star Stephen Amell, aka Green Arrow, opened up about "champagne problems" in a recent interview.

Amell first appeared in the Stamford-based promotion on the 25 May 2015 episode of RAW, where he confronted Cody Rhodes, known as Stardust at the time. After Cody attacked him in an August episode of RAW, he jumped into the ring to take the fight to The American Nightmare until being contained by security.

According to EWrestling News, the Green Arrow actor discussed his relations with both companies and his upcoming project with WWE.

He stated that AEW felt like the more natural path for him right now, but he was also involved in a project for the Stamford-based promotion that should come out soon.

"AEW feels like it might be a little bit more of a natural path right now but I also am involved in a project for the WWE that comes out right around the same time as the second season of Heels comes out so it’s like, I don’t know. These are champagne problems," said Amell. (H/T EWrestling News)

He added that if Cody Rhodes was still with AEW, he would have done something with the company. He also discussed his connection with Phil, CM Punk, and Cody Rhodes.

"I mean obviously, if Cody (Rhodes) was still with AEW, it’d be pretty cut and dry that we’d do something with AEW. Now I’ve got Phil, CM Punk, who’s on the show with AEW, we got Cody back in WWE. So, I have a connection with Phil, I have a connection with Cody. I haven’t done anything with AEW. I’ve done stuff with WWE," said Amell. (H/T EWrestling News)

Stephen Amell's history with WWE and AEW

Amell was a massive fan of pro wrestling. His debut was a feud with Cody Rhodes. After a backstage segment with Triple H, it was announced that Neville would team up with Amell to face off against Cody Rhodes and King Barret at Summerslam 2015, in which the Green Arrow actor and Neville came out on top.

Amell and Cody became friends afterward, and the actor made his first appearance with The American Nightmare and Rhodes' Nightmare Family at AEW's Revolution to face off against MJF.

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