43-year-old WWE star has his own locker room; separated from everyone else's

The star has been mostly by himself backstage (CREDIT: WWE.com)
The star has been mostly by himself backstage (CREDIT: WWE.com)

As part of WWE, stars have to be in locker rooms, typically shared with other stars. While the male and female locker rooms are naturally separated, sometimes champions and factions may have their seperate rooms. Now, a recently returned star has claimed that he has his own as well.

Shawn Spears came back to WWE recently after spending several years in AEW. The "Chairman" gained quite a reputation in Tony Khan's company, but since coming back, he has been a major presence in the company. Since appearing in NXT, he has become a force to be reckoned with.

While he's not competed in a match in the last month, after losing to Ridge Holland to conclude their drawn-out feud, the star has remained a vital presence. Most recently, he was spotted on this week's episode of NXT, where he was watching Josh Briggs talk about trying to find himself and commented on how the youth in NXT was misguided, saying that he would guide them himself.

The star was asked about being in the NXT locker room recently, and he said that he had his own room. He was alone there with his many chairs, living up to the nickname of the Chairman.

"I have my own dressing room. And rightfully so. Just me….and chairs."

Why the star has his own locker room for himself and his chairs is anyone's guess.

Shawn Spears also reacted to the recent arrival of Ethan Page to WWE

The veteran WWE star was happy to see his fellow former AEW wrestler arrive last night on NXT.

It was Ethan Page's debut in the show, and Spears took to social media to say that he liked him.

While Page has already put Trick Williams on notice, asking for an apparent title shot, it remains to be seen if he crosses paths with Spears.