"A perfect wrestler"- Big former WWE Star wants to face the 'Randy Orton of Japanese wrestling' (Exclusive)

Kazuchika Okada in his Tekken-inspired Mask and Randy Orton.
Kazuchika Okada in his Tekken-inspired Mask and Randy Orton.
Lennard Surrao

WWE recently released many highly talented wrestlers from NXT and 205 Live, respectively, and one of the biggest names on the list was Killian Dain.

Big Damo sat down for an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta, and the former WWE star opened up about what's next for him in wrestling following his WWE exit.

Killian Dain expressed his desire to wrestle in Japan, and the wrestler was asked a fascinating question: who would the former WWE star face in a dream match at a NJPW Wrestle Kingdom event?

Killian Dain named a few top Japanese performers, and it's unsurprising to note that Kazuchika Okada was amongst the high-profile talents.

Dain hopes to mix it up with Okada, who he called the Randy Orton of Japanese wrestling. The former Sanity member compared Okada's in-ring work to WWE's Apex Predator and praised the duo for their near-flawless skills inside the squared circle.

Dain has also been a follower of Shingo Takagi's work since the latter's Dragon Gate days, and he lauded the reigning IWGP World Heavyweight Champion's evolution in the business.

While Big Damo has many wrestlers on his wishlist, the former WWE NXT star would be most interested in a rematch with Tomohiro Ishii:

"That's a question! Well, I mean, so I've been a fan of Shingo for such a long time. I followed him in Dragon Gate, so watching how he has evolved as a wrestler has been incredible. So he would be an interesting one, obviously. Okada is one I never got a chance to wrestle. Okada is; he is just such a perfect wrestler. He is like what Randy Orton is to American wrestling; Okada is to Japanese wrestling; they are just so good at everything. Then also the likes of Kenny Omega and stuff like that, a wonderful person to wrestle with. But if you put a gun to my head and tell who I'd love to wrestle the most, it would be Tomohiro Ishii. I wrestled him in 2015, and it was one of the best experiences of my career, and I'd definitely love to do it again at the drop of a hat," Killian Dain revealed.

That would definitely be the goal: Former WWE star Killian Dain has his eyes on Japan


Killian Dain spoke at length about his future following his untimely WWE release, and he noted having many things on the bucket list that he wished to accomplish.

While the Irish Superstar is focused on conquering Japan in the next few years, he presently doesn't have a definite timeline for his plans.

Dain revealed that some of his best matches before WWE happened against Japanese performers, and he can't wait to explore that avenue again if the opportunity presents itself:

"Well, it's difficult because there are so many things I still want to do," Big Damo continued, "I still have a bucket list of places I want to see, people I want to wrestle with. So, if I could choose my own path, that would be even better. I could just choose whoever I want to wrestle with every week; that would be fantastic. But no, out of all seriousness, definitely on my bucket list is to wrestle in Japan, and that is something I'm really going to try and do over the next few years. Like, there is no timeframe for that. I'm not saying like by the end of September; I'll be doing whatever; right now, I'm a foreigner living in America. So, there are a few legal hurdles I have to jump through before I can do anything, to be honest. But for the next few years, that would definitely be the goal, is to get out there in Japan because I've been blessed and very lucky that I've managed to have the career that I've had and the guys who I've wrestled from Japan have been some of the best matches of my career. So, that would be something that I'm definitely excited about in the future."

During part one of the latest Sportskeeda Wrestling exclusive, the ex-WWE talent also revealed whether the WWE NXT locker room and Triple H watched AEW shows, his thoughts on Miro, a possible AEW signing and more.

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