"He's gonna be just fine" - Adam Cole shares his thoughts on recently released WWE Superstar

Adam Cole
Adam Cole
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In the past few months, WWE has released a number of noteworthy wrestlers. Many members of the current WWE roster have been vocal in supporting some of the wrestlers who have been let go due their friendships with each other.

For example, Tyler Breeze, who had been signed with WWE since 2010, was released last month. Breeze has a prominent part on Xavier Woods' YouTube channel UpUpDownDown, where he plays Uno weekly alongside Woods, Cesaro and Adam Cole.

In a recent interview with Sean Ross Sapp of, Adam Cole shared his thoughts on Tyler Breeze being let go by WWE.

"That is the unfortunate reality of life," Cole said. "Anytime you work anywhere and a friend of yours is no longer with the company or is in a situation that is unfortunate for them under any circumstance, of course it's very, very upsetting.
"Again, still being able to hang out with him on UpUpDownDown, I can tell you again, for sure, there is no ill will on his part because he's a pro, and that's just the type of guy he is and why he's such a great friend." Cole continued. "I love him to death. Of course, it's never good news but he's gonna be just fine. [Tyler Breeze] is gonna be just fine."


Tyler Breeze was in a team with Fandango prior to his WWE release

MSK and Breezeango on WWE NXT
MSK and Breezeango on WWE NXT

Fandango was released on the same day as his partner, Tyler Breeze. The two stars were paired up in 2016, and they formed Breezango. The team quickly became quite popular on the main roster, and both men were loved by the fans.

The two stars later returned to NXT to reportedly help boost the ratings of the show. During their time on the brand, they worked as experienced veterans to help younger performers. As expected, Breezango was also successful on the black-and-gold brand, as they won the WWE NXT Tag Team Championship.

Before they were released, Tyler Breeze and Fandango were a prominent part of NXT's tag team division, and they had consistently had matches against top duos like MSK and Imperium.

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