"We're blasting each other" - Adam Cole on his matches with Kyle O'Reilly

Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly have known each other since 2009.
Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly have known each other since 2009.
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The heated rivalry between former Undisputed Era members Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly will continue tomorrow on the NXT special, The Great American Bash.

Ahead of this heated rematch, Adam Cole sat down with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful to discuss various subjects. When the match with O'Reilly came up, Sapp asked about what it's like to wrestle against a close friend. Cole offered an in-depth response and explained that he doesn't want to hurt O'Reilly, but their relationship allows them to go all out in the ring.

"...You definitely hit each other a little bit harder because you know there's not going to be any issues," Adam Cole said. "But at the same time, under no circumstance do I ever want to put him in a situation where I feel like I could ever seriously hurt him...I might be more apt to jump in and be like, hey, I don't want you to get hurt. You know what I mean so, but at the same time, we're blasting each other.""

Adam Cole is looking forward to his rematch with Kyle O'Reilly

Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly on NXT
Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly on NXT

At the end of the interview, Ross asked Adam Cole for his final thoughts regarding his big match with Kyle O'Reilly. Cole stressed how important this bout is because it's their first straight-up wrestling match in NXT, and he's quite excited about it.

"I know that Kyle, in many ways, brings the absolute best out of me," Cole continued. "I think back to all the battles we had all over the world, fighting each other in the Tokyo Dome fighting each other when I was just 18-19 years old. I've known Kyle for a really long time, but this one's really important because it's our first straight-up wrestling match in NXT."
"At the end of the day, myself and Kyle can showcase ourselves the best in a straight-up wrestling match. So I'm really looking forward to it. Not only because of what I know we're going to bring to the table, but I'm really looking forward to it to prove how much better Adam Cole is than Kyle O'Reilly."

Are you excited to see Adam Cole go one-on-one with Kyle O'Reilly at NXT Great American Bash? Who do you think will win? Sound off in the comments below.

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