Adam Pearce guesses Max Dupri's first acquisition

Adam Pearce is a WWE authority figure!
Adam Pearce is a WWE authority figure!
Saunak Nag

A few weeks ago, SmackDown witnessed the debut of former NXT star LA Knight. However, he was rebranded as Max Dupri. The superstar revealed that he owns an agency called Maximum Male Models. A few weeks later, Dupri was confirmed as an active superstar on SmackDown.

The former IMPACT star was again seen interacting with WWE Official Adam Pearce this week. Following their latest conversation, it has now been confirmed that Dupri and his Maximum Male Models will reveal their first acquisition next week.

Adam Pearce took to Twitter to reveal his stance on the segment. He also guessed that the agency's first recruit could be a close and personal friend of Dupri:

"I assume it’s a close, personal friend of his."

You can check out the tweet below:

I assume it’s a close, personal friend of his.…

Fans react to Max Dupri announcing his first acquisition next week

There has been a lot of speculation about who could be the first to join the 39-year-old's agency. Now it's just one week before fans get their answer. After Pearce tweeted his opinion, many fans shared their thoughts on the segment. Here are some of the reactions.

A user seemed pretty confident that it would be Rasche Brown.

@ScrapDaddyAP pretty sure its Rasche Brown

Amongst all the guesses, there was a question aimed at Adam Pearce.

@ScrapDaddyAP what's Max's breath smell like?

Some do not seem to agree with the WWE official's guess.

@ScrapDaddyAP You assume @MaxDupri has friends …

Fans liked Max Dupri's close-talking style.

@ScrapDaddyAP I just love the way he gets in his face like that such a boss type😂😂😂

That's an interesting guess. The Swiss Cyborg could be a good first signing if this man is right.

@ScrapDaddyAP It has to be Cesaro if what I been hearing is true

There was some praise aimed at Adam Pearce too.

@ScrapDaddyAP Adam Pearce: best facial actor in the business.

A good piece of advice for Pearce on dealing with the manager of Maximum Male Models.

@ScrapDaddyAP Think next time Max Dooo-Pee gets in your face, maybe put him in a match

It'll be an exciting WWE SmackDown for the fans next week. With the first acquisition announced, it'll be interesting to see how the company books Max Dupri's faction.

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