New RAW commentator Adnan Virk opens up on advice from a WWE veteran

Adnan Virk has joined the RAW commentary team (Credit: WWE)
Adnan Virk has joined the RAW commentary team (Credit: WWE)
James Sullivan

Adnan Virk has gone into detail on advice he received from veteran WWE commentator Michael Cole.

Virk, who joined the RAW commentary team after WrestleMania, recently appeared on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina to discuss his career. Virk revealed he received a very important piece of advice from fellow commentator Michael Cole upon joining WWE - "Don't check social media."

Virk explained:

"One of the great pieces of advice Michael Cole said to me, 'Listen, whatever you do, please don’t check social media.’ I nodded. He goes, ‘I’m serious about this because no one listens, and then they check it.’ And either way Jimmy, it’s not good. If they say you’re great, well, that doesn’t matter. If they say you’re awful, that also doesn’t matter. One man’s opinion doesn’t matter so don’t lose sight of that." H/T - WrestlingInc

Adnan Virk went on to note how his wife and others close to him turned straight to social media after his first WWE appearance:

"You want to bat 1,000, but if you make a mistake, don’t make the same mistake twice, just learn from it. My wife starts saying, ‘Oh, this person tweeted this.' No, I don’t want to know this. Why would you tell me this? I called my parents Jimmy. ‘How’d it go?’ Same thing, some good, some bad. ‘Yeah, your dad was checking Twitter,’ and I go, for God’s sakes. It’s amazing to me that when people are looking for feedback, social media, as you and I both know, it’s generally a place where people are spewing vitriol." Virk continued.

Adnan Virk is still settling into his new role on Monday Night RAW.

Adnan Virk on meeting Vince McMahon

Despite being the new voice of Monday Night RAW, Virk admitted he didn't meet WWE Chairman Vince McMahon until after his second episode. Virk said:

"I met him after the second show, and he was great. He was really supportive. He gave good feedback. I would say he’s giving real-time feedback. I definitely know what he’s feeling.”

Vince McMahon is known for being very hands-on when it comes to WWE's presentation on television. From Adnan Virk's words, it's clear this trait still continues to this day.

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