AEW star says Vince McMahon didn't want to rehire his older brother in WWE

Vince McMahon retired from WWE several months ago!
Vince McMahon retired from WWE several months ago!

Vince McMahon was often regarded as a 'mad genius' in sports entertainment. However, AEW star Ari Daivari said McMahon rejected the idea of rehiring his brother Shawn Daivari in WWE.

During his decades-long run as the head of the company, Vince McMahon has often prioritized talent with physique over skills. However, fans have outgrown the same product and storyline, which worked during different periods, such as the Attitude Era or New Generation Era.

Besides this, Vince McMahon was never a fan of tag team wrestling as he didn't consider it a priority in his company. Speaking on AEW Unrestricted, Ari Daivari spoke about how he pitched the idea to McMahon of rehiring his brother and working as a tag team:

"I went to Vince and I pitched rehiring my brother... I showed him all our tag stuff, he really liked it. He liked our look, you know? We're two Persian brothers. Even though he's five years older, we're roughly the same height, you know? When I shaved my head bald, we looked very similar. He liked the look and everything."

Unfortunately, he recalls why Vince McMahon declined the pitch and didn't rehire his older brother back in the company.

"The hurdle was just hiring a new talent, was just getting someone new, getting someone hired, you know? Vince just always seemed to want to work with the guys who are already there. So asking to bring someone back in was kind of a tough sell, and didn't happen." [H/T - WrestlingInc]

Ari Daivari worked with WWE for over five years as a performer and was released in June 2021. In April 2022, he was rehired by the company to work as a producer before being released again three months later.

Ari Daivari and Shawn Daivari both worked for WWE under Vince McMahon's regime

In 2004, Shawn Daivari signed with WWE, where he frequently paired up with Muhammad Hassan until the latter was fired from the company. Daivari continued his journey on RAW and SmackDown before leaving the company in 2007.

In 2016, Daivari's younger brother, Ariya Daivari, made his debut and appeared at WWE Cruiserweight Classic. He spent the next few years on 205 Live and NXT before leaving the company.


In 2018, Ariya and Shawn Daivari both appeared together on WWE programming during the Greatest Royal Rumble Premium Live Event in Saudi Arabia. In the end, the new Saudi recruits took the duo out to close the segment. It will be interesting to see what the two stars do next.

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