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WWE News: AJ Styles responds to a touching letter from a parent about his late child

'The Phenomenal One' beamed as a shining example of compassion through his Tweet.

Nick with AJ Styles at the airport

What’s the story?

Michael Bongiovanni, the parent of WWE fan Nick Bongiovanni, wrote an open letter addressed to former WWE Champion AJ Styles. The letter stated a touching story when Nick who was diagnosed with ADHD, met Styles at Newark airport.

Michael reported that AJ Styles was kind enough to stop and talk to Nick and even got a photograph taken to capture the moment.

In case you didn’t know...

Nick was travelling with his family on 26th December 2016 from Florida to New York when he saw a couple of WWE Superstars at Newark Airport. Nick called out Dolph Ziggler, but Ziggler had earphones on and could not hear Nick calling him.

AJ Styles, however, heard Nick calling out his name and went on to talk to Nick. This interaction made Nick’s day and came to him as a late Christmas gift.

The heart of the matter

Michael pointed out that his son was ecstatic after meeting the Phenomenal One. He wrote that he had intended to write the letter together with Nick so that it may find its way to Styles through social media.

The letter written by Michael to AJ Styles

But Michael disclosed the unfortunate news that Nick had an accident on January 26 that had left him brain dead. It was later confirmed that Nick has passed away. The accident left Nick’s family broken, and Michael finally wrote the letter to keep the promise that he had made to his son.

AJ Styles did, in fact, read the letter and shared his feelings on Twitter. He was glad to have spent those few special moments with Nick at the airport. Styles wrote in his tweet that the things he did outside the ring were the things that mattered to him the most.

What’s next?

AJ Styles will continue his rivalry with John Cena on SmackDown Live and has been announced as one of the participants in the six-man elimination chamber match scheduled for 12th February.  

Sportskeeda's take

AJ Styles has once again proved that not only is he a brilliant performer inside the ring, but he is an amazing human being outside of the squared circle as well. His warm words will surely provide some solace to the Bongiovanni family at a time when Nick’s passing has cast a dark shadow over their lives.

This touching story by Michael is another reminder that AJ Styles is without a doubt, ‘The Phenomenal One.’

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