Al Snow on not being a jobber in WWE and what that term really means

Al Snow doesn't believe wrestling fans know what the term "jobber" actually means.
Al Snow doesn't believe wrestling fans know what the term "jobber" actually means.
Matt Black

Many wrestling fans like to throw around the term "jobber," but former WWE Superstar and ECW legend Al Snow doesn't believe fans know what the word means.

Al Snow was a recent guest on the It's My House podcast to discuss his WWE career and various other topics in the world of professional wrestling. When the jobber discussion came up, Snow revealed that he was never really a jobber despite calling himself one.

"I called myself that, but quite honestly, I was never really a jobber," Al Snow said. "I mean, I was, if you think about it, I held three titles, and WWE I've held numerous titles throughout my career. I had a bad attitude at the time and deemed myself as such, but I actually wasn't, and the real term jobber came from back in the day. If you were a talent that made your living off the live events, and as a result in the territories, they didn't pay you for TV."

Al Snow explains the true meaning of the term "jobber"

Al Snow went on to explain what the term "jobber" is supposed to mean, as he believes many wrestling fans don't use the word correctly.

"If you wrestled on TV, that was to your advantage because it was a commercial for you," Al Snow continued. "It allowed an audience to know basically who you were. And now your name is on a form of advertisement, and there would be a reason for why there were a percentage of people in the building based off of that. A jobber was a guy who wasn't going to go wrestle for live events in the territory. He just came in that day for TV and nothing else; hence he was doing a job."

Is Al Snow's definition of a jobber different than yours? Did you think of Snow as a jobber during his time in WWE? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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