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Aleister Black posts an epic tweet after 'dying' at WWE Money in the Bank 

Baron Corbin throwing Aleister Black off the roof.
Baron Corbin throwing Aleister Black off the roof.
Modified 11 May 2020

Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio were thrown off the roof of the WWE Headquarters by Baron Corbin, and while the insane moment was not sold as much as it should have during the match, the fans just can't stop talking about the current statuses of Mysterio and Black.

Well, Aleister Black took to Twitter right after the match to post a photo of a ghost without a caption, which you can see below:

Aerial images circulating on Twitter clearly show that Black and Mysterio landed on the padded lower part of the roof. However, WWE angled the spot in such a way that it seemed like the Superstars were sent flying off the roof.

What's next for Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio?

Money in the Bank 2020 will go down in history as one of the most unique and audacious PPV offerings from WWE. The Men's and Women's MITB Ladder Matches, that happened simultaneously in the main event, were chaotic, to say the least, and there were way too many moments to unpack in the end.

While one victim has reacted to the deadly fall, Rey Mysterio has yet to respond and he could be written off TV for the foreseeable future as a result of the spot.

Aleister Black putting out a tweet after that incredible spot itself is mind-boggling. Black should be dead in terms of kayfabe, or even if he's 'alive', he shouldn't be fit enough to pick up a phone, search for an image of a ghost and upload it on Twitter.

This all comes down to the nature of Black's gimmick, which is that of an occult-inspired character. WWE could be ready to delve deeper into the mysterious gimmick of Aleister Black for all we know.

What do you make of the MITB spot and Black's tweet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


Published 11 May 2020, 08:50 IST
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