"He lost a job for that s**t" - Alex Wright on former WWE star no-selling his moves

Former WCW Tag Team Champion Alex Wright
Former WCW Tag Team Champion Alex Wright
Danny Hart

Alex Wright recently recalled how Paul Roma lost his job due to his in-ring antics at WCW SuperBrawl V.

The pay-per-view took place on February 19, 1995, and began with the 19-year-old Wright defeating his experienced opponent in a 13-minute match. The controversial contest is best remembered for Roma repeatedly refusing to acknowledge his rival’s offense.

Speaking in a “WSI” interview, Wright reflected on the former WWE star’s decision to sabotage their match:

“Being new in the company and being just 19 years old, I was afraid to lose my job if I would fight back in that match. It definitely was the wrong decision to do it, which Paul did, because he lost a job for that s**t.” [1:34-1:57]

Following the incident, Roma continued to face Wright at live events for another month before receiving his release from WCW. The German was advised by others within the company to “kick some a** and defend yourself” if he ever found himself in a similar situation.

Why did Paul Roma no-sell against Alex Wright?

🗓 ON THIS DAY 🗓19th February 1995Paul Roma goes into business for himself at Superbrawl V.He refuses to sell properly for Alex Wright and even kicks out of the roll up finish on PPV.He is informed the next day that his contract won't be renewed the following month.

According to Alex Wright, Paul Roma was frustrated with WCW management and disliked the orders he was given for the match.

The former WCW World Television Champion added that he initially expected to have a “great match” against Roma:

“The problem was that I think he didn’t like the order that the office gave him, and he was p****d actually at the office,” Wright said. “And I was the guy who got [caught in the middle]. We had a totally different plan and he just switched everything around, and [it] was very sad and very unprofessional because I could have had such a great match with him.” [0:42-1:06]

Do you think wrestlers should ever no-sell in matches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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