Alexa Bliss' role with The Fiend possibly revealed after encounter with Kevin Owens on SmackDown

R. Nath
An incredible segment
An incredible segment

Kevin Owens returned to SmackDown after a long time to host Alexa Bliss on the KO Show. In what turned out to be perhaps one of the most interesting and amazing WWE segments of 2020, not only was a move to SmackDown teased for Kevin Owens, but we have gotten a little more clarity on Alexa Bliss' role with The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

Kevin Owens came to SmackDown because he saw comparisons between Alexa Bliss and Aleister Black - who he has been feuding with on RAW. Since both of them changed, he asked what triggered such a thing and Alexa Bliss told him that he was afraid of things he didn't understand.

What proceeded was a fantastic sequence where she went into a trance herself and stopped talking about Aleister Black and continuously referred to The Fiend instead. Kevin Owens understood what was happening and asked if The Fiend was there, to which Alexa Bliss replied that he's everywhere - telling Owens to let him in.

This resulted in The Fiend appearing and attacking Kevin Owens - directly teasing a feud between the two. It also indicated that Alexa Bliss will be the hand of The Fiend in the destruction that he causes.


What does this mean for Kevin Owens?

This may have essentially been WWE spoiling the fact that they plan to switch Kevin Owens over to SmackDown during the upcoming Draft one week from now. This also means that Owens will likely wrap up his feud with Aleister Black before switching brands.

The Fiend and Alexa Bliss to RAW seems both unlikely and unnecessary since they're both making progress where they are. Many wondered what the aftermath of The Fiend was once he lost the Universal Championship again, and once more, he seems to be foregoing the opportunity (for now).

It's a good way for WWE to delay the inevitable Roman Reigns-Bray Wyatt rivalry, which was teased when Alexa Bliss stared back at Roman Reigns some time ago.

It's going to be an interesting feud for The Fiend, which he will be expected to win. Will it result in a change of character for Kevin Owens?