Alexa Bliss sends a message to ex-WWE star Wesley Blake

Bliss took to Instagram to send a message to Blake
Alexa Bliss took to Instagram to send a message to Blake

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss had a heartfelt reaction to Wesley Blake sending her a bunch of gifts.

Before Bliss made her way to WWE's main roster, she had a brief stint with Blake and Murphy on NXT. Bliss and Murphy were real-life lovebirds back then. Bliss is still good friends with both Murphy and Blake.


Alexa Bliss recently announced that she was pregnant. So far, several WWE Superstars and other wrestling personalities have congratulated Bliss on her pregnancy. Westin Blake (Wesley Blake) bought several gifts and sent them to Bliss. The latter shared a picture of the same on her Instagram story. Here's what Alexa wrote in her story:

"Thank you so much @thewestinblake! You're the absolute sweetest!!!"
The gifts that Bliss received from Blake
The gifts that Bliss received from Blake

Alexa Bliss wasn't happy with her alliance with Blake and Murphy

In 2016, Bliss was steadily establishing herself as a solo heel act on WWE TV. Here's what she told WWE's official website following her split with Blake and Murphy:

"After a while, I felt I was being taken for granted. Blake & Murphy didn’t seem to appreciate who I was and what I was doing for them. After losing the NXT Tag Team Championship, they went on a long losing streak. They needed me, yet just used me as an accessory. I was the third member of that team, not just a piece of arm candy. Blake & Murphy stopped utilizing me and stopped appreciating what I could do for our group. I did everything in my power to give those boys opportunities to win in their matches." [H/T WWE]

Bliss' decision to go solo paid off big time. She was drafted to the main roster in 2016 and quickly became a popular act on WWE TV. She went on to win five singles Women's titles across RAW and SmackDown over the next two years.

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