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WWE News: Alexa Bliss to defend Smackdown Live Women's Championship against Becky Lynch

The final SmackDown Live of the year will see the Women's Championship decided.

These two go head to head over the gold once more this Tuesday

The feud between SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch will continue on the final episode of SmackDown Live of 2016, as Bliss puts her title on the line against her biggest rival.

Bliss has done all she possibly could to dodge the challenge of the Lass-kicker, but after falling to a shock defeat against Luchadora (Becky Lynch in disguise) last week, Bliss finds herself forced to defend her title one more time.

Bliss defeated Lynch to become only the second-ever SmackDown Live Women’s Champion at the recent WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV, putting Lynch through a table to pick up the win in a tables match.

In wrestling circles, a tables match is widely regarded as one of the easiest ways to instigate a title change whilst keeping the previous champion strong, and that is exactly what happened at the last SmackDown Live exclusive pay-per-view.

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Despite being the champion, Bliss still hasn’t pinned Lynch nor made her submit, and she will need to break new ground in order to retain her SmackDown Live Women’s Championship.

Bliss could conceivably retain via count-out or disqualification, but as the feud has run for a couple of months now it is unlikely that 2017 will start with Bliss and Lynch at odds over the new championship.

If Lynch were to vanquish The Wicked Witch of WWE she would become the first two-time champion in the short history of the championship. Lynch is clearly still the number one woman on SmackDown Live, and many have speculated that Bliss’ reign was always going to be a transitional one.

But a transitional reign that sees the title return to its former owner seems somewhat baffling all the same.

The most likely outcome would seem to be Bliss retaining the title via some sort of outside assistance, allowing Lynch to move into a feud with a new foe as Bliss moves on to her next challenger ahead of the 2017 Royal Rumble.

Nikki Bella is the most likely name to step up to challenge Bliss next, and a Bella title run going into WrestleMania 33 seems like the logical direction for the SmackDown Live Women’s division.

As for Lynch, who is there for her to feud with next? Eva Marie hasn’t been seen in months, and despite her limitations, the WWE clearly has high hopes for All Red Everything. Mickie James is also rumoured to be returning to SmackDown Live soon, so will she return as a heel? Whatever the plan is, we won’t have to wait too long! 

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