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Angel Garza reveals how Vince McMahon reacts to him taking trousers off; debuting against Rey Mysterio in WWE 

Angel Garza does something rather peculiar as his gimmick in WWE
Angel Garza does something rather peculiar as his gimmick in WWE
Modified 24 Aug 2020, 19:15 IST

Angel Garza's run in WWE has been amazing so far, be it during his time in NXT, or his run on the WWE main roster. At WWE SummerSlam, Angel Garza was not successful and he and Andrade failed to pick up the win when they faced The Street Profits for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships. However, before SummerSlam, Angel Garza was interviewed by TalkSPORT, where he talked about his gimmick of taking off his pants and why he is doing it for Vince McMahon. Garza also talked about his debut in WWE against Rey Mysterio.

Angel Garza on Vince McMahon's reaction to taking off his trousers; making his WWE debut against Rey Mysterio

Angel Garza has somewhat of a peculiar gimmick in the ring when he faces off against anyone. After a part of the match he takes off his trousers and throws it in the face of his opponent in the WWE ring, mocking him. This has become somewhat of a tradition and while talking about it, Angel Garza revealed that he was doing this for Vince McMahon as it helped him to stand out to the WWE Chairman.

You need to be different to all of the guys. That little toy is different. If you give 10 toys, the same toys to one guy [Vince McMahon] then he’s going to pick the ones that are bigger or different. It helps me separate it.

Angel Garza then went on to share his experience in debuting on the WWE main roster and facing Rey Mysterio. A lot of things went wrong ahead of his debut and there was a lot of confusion.

It was a hard step in my career because it was like hey, we’re welcoming you, but this is the first step. It’s going to be Rey Mysterio and it’s like ‘Woah, Ok’. That’s a big deal. And then there was a bunch of crazy stuff that happened to me. They were like you’ve got to do a promo and they gave it to me one night before. I was reading my promo and I was trying to remember every single line and every single point they gave to me and then I came into the arena and they said ‘just forget about this, remember this’ [handing him a new promo]. And I was like ‘really?! Are you kidding me?’ and they said yep.
So I wasn’t worried for the match at the point, I was more worried about the promo! And then they started the show. It was all the pyro and ‘welcome to RAW!’ and the writers just run up to me and said ‘forget about this promo! Remember this one now’ and I was like ‘Dude! You know this is not my first language, right?!’ [laughs]. It’s my second language! And you’re making me do this!?’
Published 24 Aug 2020, 19:15 IST
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