Arn Anderson gives details on Michael Cole being screamed at and cussed out; talks about the pressure on him

Michael Cole
Michael Cole

Michael Cole has become the voice of WWE over the past few years. While other commentators like Corey Graves and Tom Phillips have also proven their mettle, Cole continues to be the most experienced announcer in WWE today.

While speaking about Michael Cole on his podcast - ARN - Arn Anderson spoke about the tremendous pressure that Cole has to face each week. Anderson admits that following Jim Ross and The King is not an easy task. And it is made even more difficult with Vince McMahon screaming in his ear.

Arn Anderson praised Michael Cole, calling him the best at calling wrestling matches. Unfortunately, Anderson believes that Cole isn't allowed to do that.

''If your calling wrestling matches, there is nobody better. Now, Michael Cole is stuck in that hot seat and he is not allowed to call the match. He’s not saying, hip toss, superplex, none of that is what they are interested in. They’re out here banging head, they being the talent, and he’s talking about short stories and everything else he is fed. Guys, understand Michael Cole is a good announcer and that’s a very difficult job. I know myself it is a very difficult job. When you are being fed a thought right in the middle of you having your own thought, can you imagine the pressure that is involved there.''


Arn Anderson on Michael Cole being screamed at

Arn Anderson further went on to talk about how Michael Cole has to deal with being yelled at and cussed out over his headset. He said that the amount of micromanaging that goes into the commentary is too high in WWE.

''I think he does a very good job. I think he is very professional. He can call a wrestling match very well if he was left to his own devices. But there are so many things that no one understands or sees or hears that go into that. If you’re getting screamed at and cussed out over that headset, imagine how rattling that is. It is a no-win situation when every single thing that goes on is micromanaged.”

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