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Arn Anderson recalls degrading WWE skit with Steve Austin

Arn Anderson is one of the most respected figures in wrestling
Arn Anderson is one of the most respected figures in wrestling
Nithin Joseph
Modified 22 Nov 2020, 02:44 IST

Arn Anderson discussed the details of the demeaning skit he had to participate in on RAW back in 2002. Arn Anderson recalled the skit he worked with Steve Austin on while answering fan questions on an episode of "Ask Arn Anything" on

Arn Anderson is one of the most heavily respected figures in the pro-wrestling business. One of the low points in his career was back on WWE RAW in 2002 when Vince McMahon forced Anderson into a skit with Steve Austin where Stone Cold urinate on him. Arn Anderson revealed that the only reason he went through this embarrassing segment was for his wife and kids.

"I’m a guy that you know what popped up in my head when they said we want Austin to pee on over you? My wife and kids. But that’s the reason why I did it and did it smiling. That’s who I am responsible for. People may think that’s not true, but everything I’ve done in this business, every sacrifice I’ve made, every time I’ve had guys come to me that I respect and say, ‘You don’t have to do that. You’re Arn Anderson. You don’t have to do that bulls***t. Just tell them no.’ I did what was requested to take care of my family. That’s my first responsibility on this Earth." H/t Wrestling News 

Arn Anderson recalls that Steve Austin was against performing the skit

Arn Anderson recalled the details leading up to the skit, specifically what happened backstage and in the locker room. Anderson specifically mentioned two men, namely Jack Lanza and Steve Austin. Both of them went to Vince McMahon on two separate occasions to attempt to get the boss to change his mind regarding how the segment would play out. Steve Austin himself has a huge level of respect for Anderson.

"Two people that were heavily involved in it were Jack Lanza who was like the backstage producer and Austin himself. They both told me that they went to Vince individually and collectively and said, ‘This guy is heavily respected in the business with the boys and the audience as well. This is really demeaning. Can’t we do something else? Both got turned down, flatly." H/t Wrestling News 

The Enforcer also suggested that there was foul play leading up to the segment, especially on Vince McMahon's part. Arn Anderson believes that this was McMahon's way of punishing him for leaving the company back in 1989.

"Do I suspect foul play and a reason in my mind to do this? Yes. Will it be very easy for his case to be, well, we don’t want to do it to Ric. It’s almost like you went out and put Austin over and got him ready for Ric for the next big PPV. You put him over clean in the middle but it’s just another way to do it. It could be punishment for leaving in 1989. He can wait a long time when he feels betrayed or feels like you’ve wronged him." H/t Wrestling News 

It truly is a shame that someone, as respected as Arn Anderson, was forced to go through something so disrespectful and demeaning to pacify Vince McMahon's grudge and ego. However, his decision to stick through it is a testament to Anderson's commitment to the business and is one of the many reasons he is a Hall of Famer.

Published 22 Nov 2020, 02:44 IST
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