Arn Anderson reveals the real reason Vince McMahon doesn't like factions and tag-teams anymore


There has been a lot of speculation regarding the poor state of tag-team wrestling in WWE for the past few years, and why Vince McMahon doesn't like it.

While fans have often voiced how much they love factions, they have been few and far between since the Attitude Era ended. In fact, only Nexus and The Shield were dominant factions in the past few years and they too were broken up very soon.

It is no secret that Vince McMahon prefers building singles Superstars instead of tag-teams. While the attitude era was full of factions and tag-teams, the current era has seen tag-team wrestling take a backseat in WWE.

Arn Anderson on Vince McMahon's decision

Arn Anderson spoke about Vince McMahon and his logic for not liking tag-team wrestling.

"I can't specifically tell you when it was, I bet you can though, where they went through all these factions, and I was in WCW at the time. Remember the factions, there were probably five, six, seven of them, and they had four or five guys in a group? You know Taker had The APA and all those guys with him. You had the guys from Puerto Rico. You had all these different factions, you had DX. All those guys and I would have just been guessing.'' (H/t: WrestlingInc)

Arn Anderson further talked about how maintaining large factions became a financial drain. He also takes about how Vince McMahon categorized stables and tag team wrestling together.

"Well when you started paying all those groups. When you would have the big shows and you would have a lot of those factions on there, man you had a lot of sets of trends. So, it went from being just a tag team to four guys, maybe five if there was a manager involved, but managers were starting to go away during that period as well. But if you met all those transportation costs to pay and all that, I measure it just get expensive and it's probably overwhelming so when he decided to peel back from factions and all that, he probably just included tag matches in the equation and that was a mistake."

While teams like The New Day and The Usos have been great; they are the exceptions and not the rule when it comes to tag-team wrestling in WWE.

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