Backstage news on WWE morale following Bray Wyatt's release - Reports

Bray Wyatt's release has come as a shock to the WWE roster.
Bray Wyatt's release has come as a shock to the WWE roster.
Matt Black

The WWE Universe got quite the shock yesterday when the company announced that former three-time WWE Champion Bray Wyatt had been released from the company. Now, if the latest reports are any indication, it's not just the fans that are taking this release hard.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, WWE roster and staff morale have taken a huge hit as there is a "gigantic amount of frustration" across the board regarding the release of Bray Wyatt.

While WWE has cited "budget cuts" as the reason for Bray Wyatt's release, almost 20 people have reached out to Sapp and Fightful this weekend to say they don't believe the company's reasoning and that there has to be more to this release due to Wyatt being a "known money-maker" for the company.

The WWE locker room isn't happy about Bray Wyatt's release

SRS reports that the general consensus among the talent he has spoken to is that no one believes that Bray Wyatt's release was a budget cut based on the character's popularity and his ability to sell tons of merchandise when on weekly WWE television.

In news that could be very concerning for how morale is across the WWE locker room right now, several long-time members of the WWE roster told Sapp that they don't feel like their jobs are safe, despite past pushes or their current place on the card.

While the WWE roster couldn't speak out publicly against Wyatt's release, comments from Mickie James in a tweet yesterday that can be seen below could certainly be seen as a general feeling among employed members of the company right now.

What are your thoughts on Bray Wyatt's shocking release from WWE? Are you surprised to hear how his release has affected morale backstage within the company? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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