Bayley hits back at Michael Cole for repeatedly saying "It's Boss Time" on SmackDown

Bayley hates Michael Cole
Bayley hates Michael Cole's catchphrase about Sasha Banks
Modified 26 Mar 2021

WWE Superstar Bayley recently made an appearance on Renee Paquette's Oral Sessions podcast. During their conversation, the SmackDown superstar revealed what it was like to compete inside the ring without fans.

Bayley stated that she could hear Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary, but that never distracted her. Instead, she used the situation to her advantage as it often helped her plan her next move. That said, Bayley called out Cole for repeatedly saying "It's Boss Time" while Sasha Banks is in the ring. She finds it very "annoying". Here's what Bayley had to say:

"To me, it is not distracting. Or it hasn't been, yet. Now I am going to give out some secrets. When we are having a match, sometimes I can hear them say, 'Oh! We are going to watch a replay'. Not that I can see the replay anywhere, but I can hear them. So, I know not to do anything yet. It just helps me."
"And I think it really helped me find my voice as a new character. It hasn't been distracting yet, aside from Michael Cole saying 'It's Boss Time' every twenty seconds. That can get pretty annoying."

Bayley's feelings about Michael Cole repeatedly saying "It's Boss Time" on SmackDown resonate with several WWE fans. Renee Paquette also pointed out how he used to do the same thing earlier for Roman Reigns when he repeatedly said "It's Big Dog".

Bayley reveals the origin of her feud with Michael Cole on WWE SmackDown

Talking about her ongoing feud with SmackDown commentator Michael Cole, Bayley revealed how it all started in WWE. The Grand Slam Champion stated the commentators were the only ones with whom the superstars could interact during the pandemic era.


As a result, Bayley started taking digs at Cole during her matches, and everyone backstage loved their interaction. This inspired them to do more around their mock feud, and Cole also invested himself in those segments. Since then, Bayley has made fun of Michael Cole on and off camera, and the two often engage in banter. While discussing this angle involving Cole, Bayley said:

"He is so annoying; just look at him. It is from that pandemic era when we had no crowd and nobody to play off of, and then the only type of reaction or words or anything I heard was just [Corey Graves] and [Michael] Cole. Every time I am in the ring or every time I am cutting a promo, I can hear them breathing. That's how quiet it was."
"So, I just started picking on him and talking back. People seemed to like it, so I thought, 'we have got to do something here. It is hard to watch without fan interaction. So I needed something, and they were the only ones who were out there. And it became so much fun. The fact that he is really into it too, and I love that he makes fun of me and makes me look stupid. It's so much fun. So we may as well keep it going. I am trying to get a WrestleMania match with him since he is undefeated."

Bayley still has no match at WrestleMania, and she might be forced to skip the pay-per-view. However, the former SmackDown Women's Champion is adamant to find her role at WrestleMania, and she wouldn't mind if it involves Michael Cole in some capacity.

Published 26 Mar 2021, 20:50 IST
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