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WWE News: Bayley on her dream match in WWE and doing gimmick matches

Rohit Nath
887   //    11 Oct 2016, 11:49 IST
Raw superstar Bayley

Bayley made her long overdue debut on the main roster on the Raw after Summerslam. Her character has regressed from where she left off at NXT, but the reason behind that is simply that there needs to be a starting point before building her natural underdog character.

Coming off of a defeat at Clash Of Champions to Charlotte, she has been having a few matches with enhancement talents, but as of last week, she started a feud with Dana Brooke. She has made a successful transition to the main roster and is already very over with the crowd as most expected she would be.

In a recent interview with FOX Sports to promote WWE 2K17, which has now released, she was asked about her all-time WWE dream match. The Hugger said:

“I have a few, but No. 1 that comes to mind right now would be … I would team with Macho Man and we would take on Sasha Banks and Eddie Guerrero. If I were to have a match with Lita, I would make that a championship ladder match.”

Bayley has always been open about Macho Man Randy Savage’s influence on her, and it can be seen from the tassels she sports every night. She made history in NXT with Sasha Banks, becoming the first female main event in any WWE special.

The 30-minute Iron Man match between her and The Boss received critical acclaim, as did their bout in Brooklyn, the latter of which is still the match that is looked up to the most in all of WWE’s female wrestling.

She was asked about whether she believes ladder matches or Hell In A Cell and such gimmick matches were the natural progression of women’s wrestling, and she said:

“That's definitely something I'd love to see in the future. That's like another level. We've just started to make strides on having these huge matches and the women having the main event spot of Monday Night Raw like they did last week, so I think that's kind of gonna be the next step.”

She further spoke the women’s division’s ambitions in the WWE:

“We want to start main eventing pay-per-views, main eventing WrestleMania someday. We want all the opportunities that the men have, and we want to be able to be put in those situations and know that we can handle it. I think if they… Hell in a Cell is a huge deal, if they wanted to start off small and maybe put us in a cage match or something, that'd be cool, but I know that's something we all want to be a part of.”

The interview was conducted before the episode of Raw, and as of now, Sasha vs Charlotte in the first ever female Hell In A Cell match has been confirmed. WWE is completely invested in their female talent creating a path for themselves, and there is no doubt that Bayley is going to be part of an extremely magical era of Women’s wrestling.

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