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WWE News: Bayley talks about the differences between NXT and main roster

The NXT veteran breaks the myth about workload for main roster members

Bayley said that her match at Battleground was the most surreal moment of her WWE career

Promoting the upcoming WWE 2K17 video game, the former NXT Women's Champion Bayley recently spoke with FOX Sports, where she talked about the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV, changes she has seen after coming to the main roster and more. Thanks to wrestlingness.co below are some of the highlights from the interview:

Speaking of the recent changes in the women's division of WWE, the former NXT star brought up how Sasha Banks and Charlotte was the main event on Monday Night Raw last week and said that they(the women) want all the opportunity that the men have. She said:

"We’ve just started to make strides by having these huge matches and the women having the main event spot on Monday Night Raw like they did last week, so I think that’s kind of gonna be the next step.

We want to start main eventing pay-per-views, main eventing WrestleMania someday. We want all the opportunities that the men have"

While talking about the upcoming Hell In A Cell match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks for the Women's Championship, Bayley was asked if she would like to compete in these sort of matches and the former NXT women's Champion replied positively:

“We want to be able to be put in those situations and know that we can handle it. Hell in a Cell is a huge deal, if they wanted to start off small and maybe put us in a cage match or something, that’d be cool, but I know that’s something we all want to be a part of.”

It's commonly assumed that stars have to work harder on the main roster compared to NXT because it's a bigger stage and the stakes are much higher. So Bayley who made her Raw debut this past August was asked about the changes she feels after being transferred to the main roster from NXT.

Replying to this, the NXT veteran broke the myth and revealed that after brand split, wrestlers have to work fewer days on the main roster, compared to the working days in the development territory of the company:

“Honestly with NXT, we only had one day off, we had Sundays off. We trained every single day and we had three shows a week, and we only had Sundays to kind of do all of our errands and stuff like that.

Now with the brand split we have an extra day, so I have more days off than I did with NXT and that’s been super helpful because there’s so much that I need to do now that I’m not home every night.”

Along with this, Bayley also talked about the 2K17 video game, the recent WWE tour of South America and more.

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