Beth Phoenix's backstage response to WWE Superstar arriving in Lamborghini revealed

Beth Phoenix loved this from the returning WWE Superstar
Beth Phoenix loved this from the returning WWE Superstar
Modified 26 Mar 2021

Cameron Grimes returned on WWE NXT last month in a Lamborghini. He came back as a rich brat and added his comedic element to make the gimmick enjoyable. This instantly got social media talking, and it appears that others backstage also enjoyed the surprise.

WWE NXT color commentator and former women's champion Beth Phoenix was undoubtedly impressed after Grimes rolled in with a Lamborghini. Vic Joseph revealed on the latest edition of the After The Bell podcast that as soon as Grimes arrived on NXT and took the mic, Phoenix said that he was her new favorite WWE character.

Phoenix called the action live and yet decided to make her instant thoughts known to her fellow commentator. Narrating the entire incident, Joseph said:

"That was the night, by the way, Cameron Grimes, when you pulled up in a Lamborghini in that persona. Beth Phoenix wrote on a piece of paper to me, 'This is my new favorite character in all of WWE.' That's some behind-the-curtain for news for everyone. When we were LIVE, she went 'new favorite character' with that Beth Phoenix smile."

Corey Graves added more details about the reaction and said that he felt exactly the same way about Cameron Grimes' new gimmick. He immediately texted Vic Jospeh about how much he is enjoying the WWE Superstar's return on the show.

Cameron Grimes recalls a hilarious incident involving his Lamborghini before his return on WWE NXT

Cameron Grimes revealed that he rented the Lamborghini, but the WWE Superstar was nervous about driving it. The owner of the car then helped Grimes in getting comfortable with the vehicle. Once they were back from a few laps around the WWE Performance Center, Grimes spotted the Head of Talent Management talking on his phone in the middle of the parking lot.

Grimes then approached him and blew the horn while standing right next to the senior WWE employee. The latter was furious at first but couldn't stop himself from smiling at Grimes' prank.

"I get to take it around the block. I am going as fast as I can go. I mean, I am tearing the streets up in that thing. And I do a couple of laps around the circle, and I come to pull back into the Performance Center. As I am pulling into the PC, a man is standing in the middle of the parking lot. And that man is kind of the guy who says you're fired or you're hired."
"Sure enough, I am in a full get-up. I have this nice suit on, and I pull up in this Lamborghini. He didn't see me because he is on the phone as he is a busy man and is just standing in the parking lot. I just blew the horn at him, and he looked up so mad until he saw my goofy smile just behind the Lamborghini. He politely laughed and got out of my way."

Cameron Grimes has been 'shooting for the moon' since his return on WWE NXT. He is the wealthiest superstar on the Black and Gold brand, owing to his investment in the GameStop stocks that blew through the roof. Grimes is actively looking for a feud and has his sights set on WWE NXT North American Championship. That said, the WWE Superstar is more than happy to roll in the money.

Published 25 Mar 2021, 23:17 IST
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