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WWE News: Big Cass vs. Rusev rematch announced for Raw

WWE announces a rematch on RAW after Rusev picks an unconvincing count out win at Roadblock kickoff show.

The rivalry between Big Cass and Rusev has got personal with the involvement of Lana and Enzo

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line kicked off with a match between the Bulgarian Brute Rusev and Big Cass. This rivalry has been in the works for the past couple of weeks with Rusev taking out Cass’ partner Enzo Amore on a number of occasions.

After the match ended in a count out, WWE announced during the pay per view that Cass and Rusev would lock horns once again on Monday Night RAW at Columbus, Ohio. 

Earlier during the match, which was the first time Cass was competing in a singles pay per view bout, Cass took the early advantage with by raining blows on Rusev. The former two-time United States Champion looked out of sorts as Cass started dominating the match.

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After a little bit of back and forth, Cass slammed Rusev on to the canvas and followed it up with the Empire elbow and a Splash.  

Rusev could not get in too many shots and decided to retreat and jumped the barricade into the crowd. The Bulgarian Brute then took a cheap shot on Cass and also took out Enzo with Lana’s help at ringside.

In the midst of the confusion that followed, Rusev picked up the win via count out as Big Cass could not make it back into the ring after checking on his friend who was earlier taken down by Rusev.

The way the match ended has opened up a number of ways this story could go and WWE creative have given Big Cass some more time in the ring rather than his usual routine of coming in as a hot tag and finishing an opponent after Enzo takes a beating.

With the rematch set for Monday Night RAW, it would be interesting to see if Enzo’s presence at ringside would help Cass nullify the numbers game and distraction tactics that Rusev and Lana back on to win matches. Whatever might be the outcome this Monday Night, this rivalry is far from over.

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