No "big changes" likely in WWE's immediate future post Vince McMahon's departure

WWE might not see a huge shift in direction after Vince McMahon's departure
WWE might not see a huge shift in direction after Vince McMahon's departure

The wrestling world was shocked last Friday when Vince McMahon retired from WWE after four-decades.

Due to the seismic shift at in the leadership of wrestling's biggest promotion, some expected that there would be huge changes in the company's direction going forward. That might just not be the case.

Stephanie McMahon, who stepped in as interim CEO after Vince stepped down from the position last month, has now taken up that position permanently along with Nick Khan. While Triple H has returned to his old position as Executive VP of Talent Relations.

We are officially in the post-Vince McMahon Era of WWE. Interesting to see what changes and how.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio has reported that there are no major changes in WWE's immediate future. This is majorly being done to show to the shareholders that the company is stable.

"One of the things I’ve heard is to not expect any changes because right now they want to show Wall Street and the stockholders that everything is stable and fine. They don’t want big changes. In fact, there was a huge panic when Brock (Lesnar) walked out. It was said the worst thing possible would be it looks like Vince left, and now it’s just anarchy. They want everything to look as stable as possible to make it look like it’s a smooth transition and that the company is in good hands and doesn’t fall apart without Vince McMahon,” said Meltzer. (H/T

Who will replace Vince McMahon as the head of creative in WWE?

VInce McMahon stepped down from his CEO position last month but he was still the head of creative. McMahon has been in charge of booking and creative ever since he took over the company in early 1980s.

Now that he has left that position, Bruce Pritchard, who many consider Vince's right-hand man, has taken over those duties as of now.

According to Fightful, Bruce Pritchard is not permanently installed as head of creative. Talent also believe someone else filling that role would likely improve the company on a creative level.

Pritchard had been second in command of creative ever since he re-joined the company back in 2019. He was formerly in-charge of RAW and SmackDown brands and was recently running NXT with Shawn Michaels.

When former Head of Talent Relations John Laurinitis stepped down last month, Bruce temporarily took the position as well.

After McMahon stepped down as CEO, Fightful Select reported that Pritchard will be handling the reins of WWE's creative department. This has reportedly been corroborated by certain members of the creative team.

Pritchard being the head of creative and Nick Khan (along with Stephanie McMahon) being CEO gives weight to the report that WWE will not be seeing massive changes in its immediate future.

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