“I was either going to be either demoted or let go very soon” - Big E reveals how much his WWE career spiraled out of control

Big E fought his way to the top of WWE.
Big E fought his way to the top of WWE.

There was a point several years ago that Big E thought he was going to be released from WWE.

Though he currently reigns supreme as the WWE Champion, there was a time when The Powerhouse of Positivity was down on his luck. He thought his time with the company was coming to an end because he wasn't getting used.

Big E recently sat down with Matty Paddock of The Independent to discuss all things WWE. During the conversation, the WWE Champion shared a shocking story about an e-mail he received before the brand split was put back in place; in the message, Big E was told he was no longer required to travel to WWE RAW:

"It said that [I] wasn’t going to RAW anymore and was only needed for SmackDown...," Big E said. "At the time it typically meant those people were either doing dark [non-televised] matches, and not long after were either back on [developmental show] NXT or were fired. For me that felt like, ‘Oh, my career is not going the way I wanted it to…' and that I was either going to be either demoted or let go very soon."
WWE Champion Big E on career lows after rising to top of industry…

Big E is grateful for the "life rafts" that were thrown to him throughout his WWE career

Luckily for Big E, the formation of The New Day took place shortly after this disappointing message, so things ended up working out. That being said, he's grateful that every time things seemed to be at their lowest, something good would help keep his WWE career on track.

"Those were moments where I thought, ‘I need a life raft here,’" Big E continued. "And I’m very grateful that some idea, some person came along at the right time and kept my career afloat. I look back at those moments and I’m thankful that I survived, thankful that I could ride those waves and those rough times, and I’m still here."

Are you surprised to learn that Big E thought he was close to being released from WWE? How different would WWE look right now without Big E in it? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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