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WWE News: Big Show on Heath Slater being fun to work with

Rohit Nath
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The Big Show and Heath Slater earlier this year on Raw

The Big Show has transitioned into a completely different role with WWE, especially this year, with the coming of the New Era post-Wrestlemania. He has in fact barely been featured on television since then, just appearing twice –  once on Raw before Money In The Bank to give some veteran advice to Apollo Crews, and once during July 4th  where he was the leader of Team America for Independence day.

However, as mentioned, it is The New Era, and the WWE are going all out in giving full importance to younger and newer stars, primarily the ones who all came from NXT. However, it is not only the newer stars who are benefiting from the brand split and the New Era. 

Heath Slater, who has been with WWE for the last six years has been arguably one of the biggest beneficiaries of the brand split, where he was a “ free agent” storyline after having not been drafted to either brand.

This story had a build up for another month and a half, where he drifted back and forth between Raw and Smackdown Live, attempting to prove to each Commissioner and General  Manager of the respective brands why they missed out on drafting him.

However, his story was more prominently featured on Smackdown Live, where he ended up teaming up with Rhyno and winning the tournament to become the inaugural Smackdown Tag Team Championships. He then won a Smackdown Live contract as well.

The Big Show, in an interview with GamesRadar, spoke about why he found it fun to work with Heath Slater:

"Heath's funny to work with because he starts bitching during the match when he doesn't like something. He'll bitch about rental car prices, travel… I wrestled him once and the entire match he just bitched about the catering: "Come on man, we can't have chicken like that… this is a big company!" And he'll call for a press slam, then dead-ass you so you can't lift him up.”

The Big Show is set to face off with Shaquille O’ Neal next year at Wrestlemania 33, in a match that has been confirmed by both parties. In the same interview, he stated that he expects to be back in television around January to start building around that match. As of now, he feels that he is being used as he should: a special attraction.

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