"We used to train a lot" – Former AEW star discusses why she stopped getting into the ring with Cedric Alexander (Exclusive)

Cedric Alexander married Big Swole back in 2018
Cedric Alexander married Big Swole back in 2018

Former AEW star Big Swole recently spoke about training with her husband, WWE Superstar Cedric Alexander.

Swole signed with AEW back in 2019 and had a memorable rivalry with Dr. Britt Baker. Since her exit from the company, she has been a part of the independent circuit and also won the Phoenix of Rise Championship, which he currently holds.

Speaking with Dr. Chris Featherstone on this week's UnSKripted podcast, Swole mentioned that she and Alexander would often lock up inside the ropes back in the day. However, she said they don't do it anymore.

"Not at all. Not at all, anymore. We used to train a lot, but now I guess with how everything is working as far as home life, we don't get a lot of that type of training. We do a lot of jiu-jitsu together and I'm trying to talk him into doing Muay Thai and we do like early 6:00 AM wrestling training. But as far as getting into the ring together, we keep that separate, especially as far as gym," Big Swole said. (From 15:44 - 16:08)

You can watch the full video here:


Cedric Alexander lost to MVP this week on RAW

The former Hurt Business member interfered at Hell in a Cell and helped Bobby Lashley defeat the Nigerian Giant Omos. MVP did not take too kindly to this and decided to teach his former associate a lesson in a one-on-one match this week on RAW.

Cedric Alexander started off strong before getting caught by a huge lariat by his opponent. Omos then ran a distraction, allowing MVP to deliver the Playmaker to Alexander for the pinfall.

Fans might agree that Cedric Alexander has lost some momentum since The Hurt Business split up. It will be interesting to see what's next for him on the RAW brand.

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