Bobby Lashley talks about forming an alliance with former Tag Team Champion 

Bobby Lashley is a former ECW Champion
Bobby Lashley is a former ECW Champion

Bobby Lashley recently spoke highly of Cedric Alexander, saying he would consider forming an alliance with him against MVP and Omos.

Bobby Lashley has been a force to reckon with since his return after WrestleMania 34. Lashley has seen plenty of success in his second stint with the company as he captured the United States, Intercontinental and WWE Championship.

The 45-year-old star rose to prominence as part of The Hurt Business. However, the group eventually broke up, and Lashley and MVP have been together since. However, after WrestleMania 38, MVP shocked the world when he turned against The All Mighty to team up with Omos.

On a recent episode of WWE's The Bump, Lashley spoke about forming an alliance with the former Hurt Business member:

"You know one person that I actually look at a lot, even though he is jumping on my back and he's a pain in the a**, I think he's the guy that needs somebody like me and that's Cedric. I always liked Cedric. I liked Cedric from the beginning. He's like that little brother that you just gotta keep beating him up until he kinda gets it and says ' Maybe I should stop going against you, maybe I should go with you'. [22:37 - 22:59]

The All Mighty had nothing but praise for the former Cruiserweight Champion.

"Cedric is phenomenal. We saw him when he ran with the title in 205 Live and we've seen him all the way through his career. The guy is phenomenal. He just needs that break that we had before when we had The Hurt Business. But since we have moved on, it seems like he's just trying to find his way." [23:00 - 23:16]
Chief Hurt Officer approved.@Sheltyb803 & @CedricAlexander just brought more gold to The #HurtBusiness!#WWETLC @fightbobby @The305MVP

Fans didn't really want the Hurt Business to split up, and as such, they'd really enjoy a reunion. It will be interesting to see where the two superstars go as a tag team and if that will be enough to stop Omos and MVP.

Bobby Lashley is set to compete in a handicap match at Hell in a Cell

On the latest edition of RAW, Bobby Lashley issued a challenge to his former manager and The Nigerian Giant. He faced MVP in a singles match, with the winner earning the right to choose the stipulation for Hell in a Cell.

Unfortunately, Lashley lost the match via a countout which gave MVP and Omos the advantage to pick the stipulation. After the show, the former United States Champion, accompanied by his client, announced that The All Mighty will face him and Omos in a Handicap match at Hell in a Cell.

BREAKING: @The305MVP just announced that it will be a Handicap Match at #HIAC for The All Mighty one.@TheGiantOmos & @The305MVP vs. @fightbobby

It will be interesting to see how things unfold as MVP and Omos have the numbers advantage going into Hell in a Cell. Bobby Lashley and Omos both have wins over each other and as the storyline progresses, only time will tell which of them stands tall.

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