Booker T addresses Sexyy Red's WWE appearance: "Get a little mo"

Booker T comments on Sexxy Red
Booker T (left) Sexyy Red (right) (Image credits:

Booker T has commented on Sexyy Red's appearance on WWE NXT last Tuesday. The WWE Hall of Famer went viral on social media due to his reaction when the 26-year-old rapper made a cameo in the ring.

In the latest episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker and his co-host Brad Gilmore discussed a variety of topics, including Sexyy Red's cameo on Tuesday's show. The WWE legend couldn't contain his excitement and explained that it's always great to see celebrities getting involved in wrestling.

"I love having some celebrity, some people from different genres come inside and play a role. I mean she's not from this wrestling world, she's a fan but I must give her a props. She did a d*mn good job at what she had to do and she pulled it off man. 'Sexyy Red, Sexyy Red, shake it real fast! Get a little mo,'" Booker said. [From 05:00 to 05:31]

Check out the video below:


Sexyy Red is a huge WWE fan and was a special guest last Tuesday. She helped unveil the NXT Women's North American Championship and announced that she would be the host of NXT Battleground. She also managed Trick Williams and Je'Von Evans in the main event against the returning Gallus.

Booker T's reaction to Sexyy Red goes viral

Sexyy Red did her trademark dance during her opening segment as well as before the start of the main event. Booker T almost lost his cool, getting enamored with Sexyy Red's dancing. His comments went viral online and even the Atlanta-based rapper made a joke about it.

"Y'all make sure @BookerT5x took his blood pressure medicine," Sexyy Red wrote.

Brad Gilmore asked Booker T about his reaction to Sexyy Red on the Hall of Fame podcast and if his wife Sharmell knew about it. The WWE Hall of Famer hilariously said that he only informed his wife about what happened after the show was over.

Nevertheless, fans loved and laughed at Booker's reaction to Sexyy Red. He might need to take more medicine for high blood pressure at NXT Battleground, wherein the "Get It Sexyy" artist could bring the house down as the special host.

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