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Booker T puts Matt Riddle on blast over his wrestling style: "I could help you a lot more than I could hurt you"

Booker T
Booker T
R. Nath
Modified 25 Oct 2020, 07:15 IST

Booker T has made it clear that he doesn't dislike Matt Riddle, but that hasn't stopped him from criticizing the King of Bros. Speaking on The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T pointed out Matt Riddle's habit of being barefoot inside the ring and asked how many World Champions one could think of that would wrestle without shoes.

Booker T then stated that to be a WWE or Universal Champion, there's a certain look that you need to have and that's how his perspective on the business is.

He went on to give Matt Riddle a piece of advice, telling him to focus on the storytelling aspect of things rather than just flashy moves. He elaborated, saying (H/T

My thing is, if Matt Riddle took my advice, maybe he would understand the concepts of making a match feel as opposed to somebody just watching it. That’s what I try to talk to these guys more than anything. They probably can do more moves than I ever could think about doing, but it’s not the wrestling moves I’m talking about ever when I talk about guys like Matt Riddle. It’s about making people feel a certain way when they watch it. I want to go out and create some great Shakespeare. It’s not a match. It’s real to me and I’m going to make it real. I wish these guys would quit playing these games and think for a second and say, let me see exactly what this guy is talking about because trust me, I could help you a lot more than I could hurt you.

Citing Matt Riddle's relative lack of experience, Booker T said that it takes well over a decade to figure out the nuances of performing in front of a crowd:

A lot of people are content and think it’s really good and they have it figured it out. Let me tell you right now, there is no way you figured this business out in 5, 8 or 10 years. It’s not going to happen. It’s going to take much longer than that to figure out the nuances of going out and performing in front of a crowd and making the crowd care.

Does Booker T have a valid criticism of Matt Riddle?


Matt Riddle often seems to be the target of many wrestlers and legends. Perhaps Matt Riddle is a superstar that has broken away from the norms and traditions. Most people who have seen him stated that he has the potential to be a World Champion and perhaps Booker T sees that as well, which is why he was as blunt as he was.

Either way, Matt Riddle has immense potential and is expected to be one of the main faces of WWE in the modern era.

Published 25 Oct 2020, 07:15 IST
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