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WWE News: Booker T talks about The Undertaker's mental strength, reveals his dream opponent

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Booker T is a five-time WCW Champion

In the recent episode of Heated Conversations: Hosted By Booker T, the WWE Hall of Famer commented about the in-ring career of The Undertaker and also disclosed his own dream opponent.

The five-time World Champion complimented the performance of The Undertaker, highlighting that the Phenom has been “battle-tested, bruised, battered”.

The recent performance of the Deadman has made him believe that The Undertaker's mind has been pushing him to continue his wrestling career, as a result of which no one can predict when the Deadman will hang up his boots. He added:

“The mind can push the body so much further than you actually can imagine it can go.”

According to Booker T, the recent Smackdown appearance of The Undertaker is only an indication of the fact that he will continue to perform as long as he is “alive and well and up and walking”. 

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During this podcast, Booker also revealed an interesting conversation he recently had with the Phenom. As the former World Champions were discussing WrestleMania, The Undertaker, according to Booker T, spoke about his injuries by saying: 

“I could have got it worked on a little bit more, but I got to be there for the big show.”

Although The Undertaker had to suffer numerous injuries throughout his wrestling career, he always has been around the corner for the grandest event of sports entertainment : WrestleMania.


This can’t change the fact that one day The Deadman will have to retire from in-ring competition. To quote Booker T: 

“There's going to be that time when he goes into that casket and closes the lid on the career." 

In the other part of the podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer expressed his desire to square off against Shawn Michaels, whom he considers as “the fish that got away”. Booker said that he had been impressed with the work of Michaels since he made his pro-wrestling debut as a part of the Rockers, along with Marty Jannetty.

The evolution of the Heart Break Kid into Mr. WrestleMania, Booker says, increased his desire to face Michaels. As Shawn is often considered as the ‘measuring stick’, ‘the Champion of Champions’ wanted an opportunity to wrestle with him in order to test his craft. 

When nWo became a part of WWE, Booker was invited to be a member of the faction. He was eventually kicked out from the group by none other than Shawn Michaels.  

Although he didn’t actually compete with HBK, the two, along with Kevin Nash had joined forces to battle the Evolution in 2003. 

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