WWE legend gives his honest opinion of Samoa Joe returning to NXT

Samoa Joe recently returned to WWE NXT
Samoa Joe recently returned to WWE NXT

Former WWE NXT Champion Samoa Joe recently returned to the black and gold brand.

It looked like William Regal was about to step down from his role as GM of WWE NXT, when he was interrupted by WWE NXT Champion Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Samoa Joe then came out and was offered the role of GM by Regal, which he turned down. Joe will be Regal's enforcer going forward instead.

Booker T commented on Samoa Joe's new role in the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast. Booker said that a return to NXT could be great for Joe and he saw it as a role the former NXT Champion could thrive in:

"I think sometimes, just like with Finn Balor when he came up to the main roster and kind of got lost in the shuffle. Finn Balor's a hell of a talent but he was like a guy that... he's there but he's not really doing a whole lot because there are so many parts to that machine that everybody's trying to get a piece of. Take a step back and go back to NXT and it looks like he's feeling a lot better, looking a lot better and he's getting a whole lot more TV time. Samoa Joe, I think that's a spot for Joe to thrive in, in an authoritative perspective or in-ring. I think Joe will do much better as a talent in NXT." said Booker T

You can watch the entire episode here:

Booker T on whether he preferred to be a part of WWE RAW or SmackDown back in the day

Booker T also briefly discussed which roster he preferred to be on when he was an active wrestler.

The former WWE Champion said that when he was part of the active roster, he had always personally preferred to be on SmackDown rather than RAW. One factor was that back then, SmackDown was still a taped show while WWE RAW was live every Monday night.

Booker said that the pressure on the blue brand was less than that on Monday nights:

"Me personally, I don't know if I would want to be on the main roster. I can honestly say this, when it came down to being on RAW or SmackDown, I preferred being on SmackDown just because it was more laid back. It wasn't as topsy-turvy for us guys chomping at the bit wanting to get that piece of the action, being on top. It's like crabs in a bucket, everybody grabbing and trying to get one up. It's live television so you have to get out there and be on 100%." said Booker T

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