Bray Wyatt's honest backstage opinion of his real brother Bo Dallas revealed


Bray Wyatt has shown to the WWE Universe time and again why he is considered a genius. The 2-time Universal Champion has already certified his position as one of the top superstars in the company today.

Unfortunately, his younger brother Bo Dallas has not had much luck in WWE. Known as one of the most iconic NXT Superstars, Dallas' run on the main roster has been a flop.

Former WWE Superstar IRS who is also the father of both Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas recently spoke on Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling and compared both his sons.

Is Bo Dallas better than Bray Wyatt?

IRS believes that while Bray Wyatt is a creative genius, his younger son Bo Dallas is actually a better worker. He even says that Bray Wyatt himself believes that Bo Dallas is better than him.

"Bray has been a world champion a few times, and I'm sure he will do it again. Bo has been a tag team champion and has a lot of ability. Even his brother, Bray, will tell you that is Bo is actually a better worker. I can tell you that Bo has a lot of ability, and WWE needs to figure out a way to capitalize on that and enhance his career.'' (H/T:wrestlinginc)

While Bray Wyatt continues to be the focal point of SmackDown, Bo Dallas has been away from in-ring action for the past couple of months.

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