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WWE News: Brian Kendrick masqueraded as a security guard in the audience during 205 Live

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Alternate profession for Kendrick?

What’s the story?

Reddit user Red_Trainer has posted a picture of Brian Kendrick actually performing the role of a security guard in the audience during 205 Live for some time before he went on to attack Akira Tozawa from behind.

In case you didn’t know...

Brian Kendrick is currently feuding with Akira Tozawa on Monday Night Raw and 205 Live. Kendrick has been making appearances in Tozawa’s matches and has been trying to teach him “lessons” after Tozawa had turned down his offer of mentorship earlier. 

Before their recent altercation at 205 Live, The Brian Kendrick was last seen showing off Tozawa’s passport that he had apparently stolen from him, on Monday Night Raw, much to Tozawa’s bemusement. 

The heart of the matter

Akira Tozawa had a match on 205 Live against a “local competitor”, the match ended in roughly 7 seconds with Tozawa quickly pinning his opponent using his finisher, the German Suplex.

During the match itself, Kendrick had already appeared in the crowd masquerading as a security guard, where the Reddit user apparently noticed it was him and took a picture of him. According to the user, Kendrick asked him to shut up when he tried to strike a conversation with “The man with the plan”. 

Upon realising that it was Brian Kendrick in the audience, several people took photographs of him as well. 

After the match ended, Tozawa called Brian Kendrick out and told him to stop hiding. Tozawa urged Brian Kendrick to “come out and fight” and readied himself. After Kendrick didn’t appear, Tozawa said that since Kendrick wasn’t coming out, he’d be going to Kendrick instead.

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As Tozawa prepared to storm backstage, where he assumed Kendrick was, a security guard appeared and started beating him up. The “security guard” then took his disguise off and was revealed as Brian Kendrick himself. Kendrick hit Tozawa with a Sliced Bread #2 off the Ring Apron and then took the microphone.

Kendrick reminded Tozawa that he could have been great under his mentorship and said that his Lesson No. 8 was that appearances could be deceiving. Kendrick then walked off backstage. 

Here’s the full video of Tozawa’s match, promo and Kendrick’s beatdown on him:

What’s next?

Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa aren’t currently scheduled to be competing at WrestleMania 33, however, there is still one last edition of 205 Live yet to come and there might be some developments to this storyline there. 

Author’s take

Professional wrestling has evolved over the past couple of decades, but it’s always nice to see a touch of old-school realism added to matches and segments, such as this instance.

Brian Kendrick actually playing the role of a security guard for a while before he went to beat down Tozawa certainly helped put a smile across the faces of the fans in attendances who saw him!

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this feud culminates.

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