Britt Baker reveals how she could be the next Kane

Britt Baker joked about being the next Kane
Britt Baker joked about being the next Kane

Britt Baker's current gimmick in AEW is that she is a dentist. In reality, she has graduated from the School of Dental Medicine as well, and so in reality she is qualified to be a dentist. However, the last time that a Superstar had a gimmick of being a dentist, it was in WWE, and not before long, that Superstar turned into a demon - Kane.

Before he became the Big Red Machine, Kane had a gimmick of Isaac Yankem, a twisted dentist. During her interview with Uproxx, Britt Baker joked about how it was in her goals to become a demon as well, much like Kane, in 2021.

"Yes! I’ve written it on my goal list for 2021."

Britt Baker on being a dentist and a wrestler

Britt Baker talked about being a dentist as well as a wrestler in wrestling and how she got into both worlds.

"I get asked that all the time, and they very much came at the same time. I guess the wheels were moving to be a dentist first, but when I moved to Pittsburgh for dental school is the exact same time I started training to be a professional wrestler. So I started wrestling school and dental school at the exact same time."

Britt Baker also talked about how she was involved in both halves of the world, training to be a wrestler and studying to be a dentist.

"So, this is a hard question to answer. Because in my mind, that was the hardest time in my life, when I was in dental school, which is a 24/7, you have to be grinding constantly or you’re not going to make the cut. It’s very grueling coursework. You’re studying, you’re in the clinic, and if you’re not, you should be. And then for wrestling, you need to be watching wrestling all the time, you need to be in the gym to look the part. It was such a hard time to balance the two of them that I think, deep down, in my gut, if I didn’t think that I had what it takes to be successful with both of them, I wouldn’t have pursued them both. So in a way I think I knew I could do it the whole time. But of course you doubt yourself, of course you hope and pray that you’re going to get to wrestle on TV, or get to the end of dental school and get the DMD after your name. So there are kind of multi-answers to that question."

Readers can check out Sportskeeda's interview with Britt Baker's real-life partner, Adam Cole.

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