Major change Vince McMahon made to the WWE ring after he started wrestling 

Vince McMahon returned to the ring earlier this year
Vince McMahon returned to the ring earlier this year

WWE legend Bully Ray AKA Bubba Ray Dudley stated that Vince McMahon changed the size of the ring after he started wrestling.

WWE rings are usually 20 Feet x 20 Feet, while WCW rings are slightly smaller at 18 Feet x 18 Feet.

On the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray explained why Vince McMahon changed the size of the ring and went to a smaller ring. The Hall of Famer said that McMahon decided to change the size of the ring after he began training to become an in-ring performer.

"Back in the day, you had Andre the Giant and all of these much bigger men and the ring needed to be able to support these much bigger men. But when Vince eventually decided to step in the ring and trained with Dr. Tom [Prichard], Vince was bumping in these really hard rings. Dr. Tom decided, 'Hey, we have a different ring down in the warehouse.' It's a bumping ring. It was an 18 x 18, old school, Southern bumping ring and Vince started bumping in the bumping ring and he said, 'Why aren't our rings like this? Our rings are stiff.' And that's when Vince and WWE decided to re-design their rings," said the Hall of Famer. [9:22 to 9:55]

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Bully Ray said that he prefers wrestling in the 18 x 18 size ring as those rings would add years to a wrestler's career.

Vince McMahon's in-ring debut in WWE came in his 50s

For a long time, fans didn't know that Vince McMahon was the owner of WWE and was only recognized as a commentator in the promotion. That changed after the Montreal Screwjob, resulting in the creation of Mr. McMahon's character.

McMahon also tried his hands on wrestling and started competing in his 50s, facing Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1998 and had a host of matches with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Triple H, to name a few.

The Chairman once again stepped into the ring earlier this year when he faced commentator Pat McAfee on night 2 of WrestleMania 38, performing for the first time in a decade.

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