Bully Ray says WWE needs to add an "Ironman" title; names two stars who should win it

Does WWE need a new men's/women's title?
Does WWE need a new men's/women's title?

WWE legend Bully Ray (AKA Bubba Ray Dudley) thinks that an Ironman/Ironwoman title should be added to feature the best in-ring performers in the company.

The company currently has six singles titles on the main roster - four for the men and two for the women. The 24/7 Championship is considered an 'open title' that can be held by anyone of any gender in or outside of the brands. Additionally, there are men's and women's tag team titles as well, the latter of which is currently vacated.

On the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray argued that the secondary titles in WWE, i.e., the US Championship and Intercontinental Championship, have lost their prestige over the years.

The Hall of Famer believes that the company should introduce a new title, showcasing the best in-ring performers on the roster, who will wrestle each week on RAW and SmackDown.

"Maybe they should [get rid of the US and IC Title], but I would love to see them do what I've been talkin about for a while now - the Ironhorse, Ironman, Ironwoman Championship - a wrestler that wrestles every single week on RAW and SmackDown. Back in the day when I originally thought of this, I said wrestle on RAW, NXT and SmackDown. Obviously NXT now being a definitive developmental brand, I'll take NXT out of the equation. I want to see this person wrestle on RAW and SmackDown. (33:03-33:39)

He also named two Superstars who could hold the title:

"You know who would be a great workhorse champion? A guy like Ciampa, a guy like Ricochet - a guy that can go out there every single night and have great, great matches on television. Who are you? I'm not the world champion but I'm the best wrestler for any given 15 minutes on television. That's what the championship represents," said Bully Ray. [From 33:40 to 33:59]

Addiotanlly, Bully Ray thinks that the US and Intercontinental Championships have been watered down too much to be restored. He feels that a new championship or getting rid of one could rejuvenate the roster as he personally doesn't care about the current secondary titleholders anymore.

Who are the current titleholders in WWE?

The WWE Championship and the United States Championship are presently on RAW, while the Universal Championship and Intercontinental Championship are on SmackDown.

The WWE and Universal Championship were unified at WrestleMania 38. Roman Reigns, the current titleholder, has both belts, and the same holds true for the men's tag team champions, The Usos.

The RAW and SmackDown Women's Championship rests on the shoulders of Bianca Belair and Ronda Rousey, respectively. The US Title is currently held by Theory, whereas Ricochet holds the Intercontinental Championship.

The women's tag team championships and 24/7 Championships can be defended on RAW, SmackDown, or NXT. While there has been no update from WWE about a new title, it'll be interesting to see if they consider Dudley's suggestion in the future.

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