Can you imagine Vince McMahon as head of AEW Sports Entertainment faction? I did!

Is there a chance VKM could be All Elite? Probably not but what if it happened?
Is there a chance VKM could be All Elite? Probably not but what if it happened?

It was just a dream — but so vivid that it appeared totally real to me; Vince McMahon came down to Apter's Alley, and I interviewed him. Ground rules were no discussion about his current legal issues.

We sat in my interview area, and he smiled and told me, "Let's get this going, Bill." Here's what I remember. These are taken from notes I wrote down when I woke up around 4 AM Eastern Standard Time.

My opening question was, now that he is retired from WWE, what does he do all day?

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"Damn good question Apter," he said. "I work out like a maniac, hours and hours every day! Then I have my personal chef make me the biggest and best steak — at least that was yesterday — some vegetables and some fine wine. Then I watch some movies, work out again, surf the internet, walk the dogs and talk to some friends and business contacts on the phone and online."

I wondered, of course, what his go-to internet sites or topics were.

"I look at what's going on on Wall Street, also politics, and seeing what goes on in sports entertainment," Vince McMahon said.

I couldn’t help but follow up and inquire about his views on sports entertainment.

"I look at it all, the news, the rumors," he said. " I still watch WWE of course. They're doing just fine and I'm proud of what the shows look like."

And AEW?

"You've always been known for asking out-of-the-box questions," Vince McMahon replied. "Yes, I have seen AEW. As a matter of fact they have contacted me. I can't say anything more than that."

I continued to try and get more out of him, pushing that AEW button.

"I won't give you anything definite," Vince McMahon said, "But can you imagine Vincent Kennedy McMahon coming out on their Dynamite program in some capacity? I am ratings. I am box office I am Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the person that created a dynasty! Imagine if I came in to lead the Sports Entertainment group that Chris Jericho started? I am Mister Sports Entertainment. So just imagine in your head Apter what would happen if I came into that scenario! The world would never be the same again!"

At this point, he decided he was done being interviewed, and I woke up!

It was so real.

Can you imagine if ... Nah, it will never happen! Darn it!

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Edited by Angana Roy
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