Cardi B not happy with how WWE name-dropped her

Torrie Wilson promised Angel Garza that Cardi B was in the building
Torrie Wilson promised Angel Garza that Cardi B was in the building
Nithin Joseph

On this week's episode of RAW Legends Night, Torrie Wilson casually name-dropped Cardi B during a segment that saw Angel Garza lose his WWE 24/7 Championship. However, Cardi B was not too happy with the name-drop.

Cardi B shared a clip of Torrie Wilson name-dropping her on RAW via her Twitter account. During the segment, Wilson told Garza that Cardi B was backstage on RAW and she wouldn't mind a rose from him. However, this was just bait, as it turned out to be the Boogeyman in a wig.

Cardi B jokingly expressed how unhappy she was with her WWE debut. She even informed Vince McMahon to start 'counting his days', but it is good to see that Cardi B is such a great sport about it. You can check out the tweet over here.

"WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF....This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be ! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F****N DAYS !!!!" said Cardi B

It seems that Cardi B is a fan of WWE, as she shared tweets about how she was a fan of Sasha Banks and even recalled watching WWE Superstars like Booker T, Trish Stratus, and John Cena when she was younger. You can read about it here.

R-Truth won back his 24/7 Championship after Angel Garza fell for the Cardi B bait

R-Truth won his "baby" back from Angel Garza
R-Truth won his "baby" back from Angel Garza

It turns out that the Cardi B name drop was all a ruse concocted by the WWE Legends and R-Truth to help him win the 24/7 Championship from Angel Garza. Garza was tricked into thinking that Cardi B was waiting in a room for him down the hall.

However, this led Garza to a horrific sight of the Boogeyman in a wig. Naturally, Garza was scared and fled the room, only for R-Truth to roll him up from behind for the three count.

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