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WWE News: Charlotte talks about WrestleMania season pressure, her dream match and more

Will Charlotte continue her incredible PPV win streak at Royal Rumble?

Who is her dream opponent?

What’s the story

Days before her big match at Royal Rumble, WWE Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair spoke with CraveOnline to promote the match. She candidly talked about the WrestleMania season’s pressure on her, who her dream opponent is and much more.

In case you didn’t know...

This coming Sunday, Charlotte will defend her Raw Women’s Championship against the crowd-favorite Bayley. Charlotte has been on an incredible PPV win streak of late and several expect her to continue the streak right until WrestleMania.

Charlotte has emerged victorious in the last 20+ PPVs consecutively(minus Battleground, but she is undefeated in Singles matches and championship PPV matches) and is well on her way to create her own legacy in the WWE.

The heart of the matter

In a recent interview with CraveOnline, Charlotte spoke about the pressure she shoulders heading into the WrestleMania season. She claimed that it helps her stay on her toes and that she considers every nuance of the trade to be an opportunity for her to get better.

While talking about her dream opponent, Charlotte stated that it would be Stephanie McMahon. She also said that if that match were to happen, it would not be a traditional good vs evil match, but rather an evil vs evil match.

She speculated that both of them would be not suited for a good person role.

“My dream match would be "Queen vs. Queen" Stephanie McMahon. But who's going to be the good guy [laughs]. It will be evil vs. evil.”

Talking about her career, Charlotte stated that she wanted to be remembered as someone who carried her father’s legacy and continued it. She further added that she also wanted to be remembered as someone who brought about a change in women’s wrestling. 

What’s next?

Charlotte will defend her Raw Women’s Championship against Bayley this Sunday and will try to carry on her incredible PPV win streak heading into WrestleMania. If Charlotte defeats Bayley, she would enter the WrestleMania season as a champion for the second consecutive year.

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Bayley, on the other hand, would try to capture the gold for the first time in her career and try to head into her first WrestleMania as a champion. 

Sportskeeda’s Take

Charlotte’s game has bettered by leaps and bound in the last year. She has become a totally despicable heel on the Raw roster and is earning heat on a massive scale with each passing day.

The ideal thing for WWE to do here is to keep Charlotte’s PPV win streak until WrestleMania and make her lose (if they have to) on the grandest stage. That will be a nice pay-off for the incredible win streak and the superstar who ends it will gain massive momentum.

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