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WWE News: Charlotte vs. Bayley rematch for Women’s Championship on next week’s Raw

Will Bayley be the champion or will Charlotte triumph again?

Who will hold the Raw Women’s Championship?

What’s the story?

The WWE has scheduled a match between Bayley and Charlotte for the Raw Women’s Championship on next week’s episode of Raw.

Raw will emanate from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and this will be Bayley and Charlotte’s third match for the Raw Women’s Championship.

In case you didn’t know...

Bayley and Charlotte have been wrestling against each other since their time in NXT. While this is their 3rd title match for the Raw Women’s Championship, this is their 6th title match overall when the NXT Women’s Championship is included.

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Bayley won the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn where she defeated former NXT and currently her fellow Raw Women’s wrestler, Sasha Banks. Bayley was not only the fourth NXT Women’s Champion but also has the 4th longest championship reign for the belt.

Charlotte was the second ever NXT Women’s Champion and would hold the title for a record 258 days for what was initially the second longest reign until current champion Asuka broke the record for the longest reigning champion; knocking down Paige’s record in the process.

Charlotte was also the last ever Diva’s Champion and currently holds the record for the most Raw Women’s Championship reigns at 4.

The heart of the matter

The pattern of title changes for the Raw Women’s Championship indicates that Bayley may win the championship next week on Raw. During the feud between Charlotte and Banks, Charlotte would always win on pay-per-views while Banks would win the Raw matches.

If this feud follows that same pattern, then Bayley may win her first Raw Women’s Championship next week.

What’s next?

The match is scheduled for next week’s Raw so watch out for rumours about the match and tune into Raw next week if you think Bayley may secure her first title on the main roster.

However, if this match is being booked on Raw to purposefully throw fans off, then Charlotte may retain the title to break her pattern of losing title matches on the weekly show.

Sportskeeda’s take

The WWE seems to be doing a fine job of building to WrestleMania and the Raw Women’s Division is the perfect example of this.

This match is could very well throw a swerve at the fans who expect Charlotte to walk into Fastlane as the Raw Women’s Champion. 

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