CM Punk takes a shot at WWE's future by naming Superstars he put over

CM Punk
CM Punk
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CM Punk called himself The Best In The World, and many WWE fans approved of the name. In the WWE, CM Punk was one of the fans' favorites and had one of the longest reigns as WWE Champion. Punk was Champion for 434 days before he lost the Title to The Rock at The Royal Rumble in 2013.

When CM Punk left the WWE in 2014, the company acknowledged his reign as the longest in the modern era. But his reign was shadowed by Brock Lesnar's when The Beast held the Universal Championship for 503 days.

CM Punk on WWE's future

CM Punk held a candid Q and A session on his Twitter account a while ago. Fans were open to ask him questions about anything under the sun. One fan asked the former WWE Champion, who he sees as the next megastar in wrestling. To that, CM Punk replied, saying nobody.

To Punk's reply, another fan on Twitter took a sly dig at him, saying that the reason why there is nobody is Punk's early exit from the company. CM Punk gave a witty reply to the fan, taking a subtle shot at WWE.

I put over such young lions that are the future of the business like the undertaker, hhh, the rock, and brock lesnar! The future looks good!

CM Punk wrestled in the WWE for fifteen long years. In the WWE, Punk is a five-time World Champion and a two time Money In The Bank winner. His first MITB cash-in was against Batista. Punk's second cash-in was against Jeff Hardy, when the Charismatic Enigma had just won the Championship from Edge.

After leaving the WWE, CM Punk fought in the UFC. During his four years with the UFC, Punk fought twice in the company. Both fights ended with Punk losing. His first match ended in the first round, just over two minutes. His second match lasted all three rounds, but he lost via unanimous decision.

CM Punk later signed a deal with FOX and appeared on WWE Backstage on Fox Sports 1 along with Renee Young.

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