Cody Rhodes reminiscences beating The Usos and 2 former WWE Champions at Hell in a Cell

Cody Rhodes was probably on a high at the time (Pic Source: WWE / AEW)
Cody Rhodes was probably on a high at the time (Pic Source: WWE / AEW)

On Twitter, Cody Rhodes commented on a GIF of him and his brother, Dustin Rhodes, defending their WWE tag titles against both The Usos and The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) at Hell in a Cell 2013. The Rhodes Brothers came out on top in a decent triple threat tag team match.

Cody noted that 'time flies' when he came across a GIF of a match that took place eight years ago on this date. He also mentioned that the men in the match were world-class competitors and the matches were 'dope':

"Damn, time flies. These matches were dope - world class bunch of competitors," tweeted Cody Rhodes.
Damn, time flies These matches were dope - world class bunch of competitors…

At the time, Cody and Dustin Rhodes, known as Goldust, were involved in an exciting storyline that involved The McMahons as both men were 'fired' from the company.

When their father, Dusty Rhodes, begged for their jobs back, he was told he could only pick one son, which he refused. For his troubles, the Big Show knocked him out.

This started a chain of events, culminating in The Rhodes Brothers defeating The Shield at Battleground and then having a fairly successful run in the Tag Division. Of course, this would also put Cody on the path to becoming Stardust, but that's a story for another time.

As Cody noted in his tweet, he enjoyed this period in WWE as he was involved in a dream tag team with his brother, taking on world-class talent in a series of excellent tag matches.

Cody Rhodes's time towards the end of WWE may not have been fruitful, but he was reaping the rewards at this point.

How many titles did Cody Rhodes win in WWE?

#OTD 10 Years Ago…CODY RHODES wins the #wwe Intercontinental Championship live on #Smackdown. Afterward the current #AEW superstar spoke to the title’s lineage and the greats who came before him. #RickySteamboat #MrPerfect 🙌

While Cody Rhodes made his mark in AEW as a singles competitor and has won the TNT Championship twice, he won several tag titles when he was in WWE. He is a former three-time World Tag Team Champion, a former three-time WWE Tag Team Champion and a two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion

While it's interesting to think he was prolific in the tag division, it's as a singles competitor outside WWE where Cody Rhodes has made his mark.

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