Cody Rhodes reveals hilarious story about heat Gallows and Anderson have with AEW

Cody Rhodes in AEW; Gallows and Anderson
Cody Rhodes in AEW; Gallows and Anderson

Ever since Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson left WWE and opened up on other promotions on their Talk'N Shop podcast, there has been talk about the heat that they have with AEW. Originally, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were supposed to sign with AEW last year, but after negotiations with WWE and AEW at the same time, they decided to sign a long-term well-paid contract with WWE instead. Naturally, people in AEW did not take this well and rumors have been emerging that Gallows and Anderson still have heat with Gallows and Anderson. Cody Rhodes, however, has talked about a different perspective.

Cody Rhodes recently opened up during his recent interview with ESPN where he talked about Gallows and Anderson and shared that he did not have any heat with them and instead shared a funny story of how Gallows tried to negotiate with AEW.

Cody Rhodes addresses heat with Gallows and Anderson in AEW

In an interview with ESPN, Cody Rhodes talked about the situation with Gallows and Anderson and admitted that there was no heat with the two Superstars.

"There's no heat at all. Business is business. I think Karl Anderson, just to see his glow up and him get ripped [was great]. And to look back at what he was able to do in New Japan, that guy is a superb talent.

Cody Rhodes went on to address something Gallows had done when negotiating with him, saying that he had told Cody Rhodes one number, and then after getting drunk, had told him a higher number.

"Gallows, everyone loves Gallows. He takes the award for the most carny wrestler in the history of wrestling. He is the king carny. He came to my house prior to their re-signing with WWE. There were some discussions. We both lived in Georgia. He actually told me a number he was offered, got drunk and then, not realising it, only an hour later told me a different number that was of course higher. I love him. You can't not love somebody who is that carny and that goofy.
"There's no heat with Gallows and Anderson at all. I'm curious where their path takes them next. But gosh, how could you have heat with a guy who told you one price and then an hour later, after some Crown Royal, jumped his price up by a significant dollar amount? That's just funny, that's just beautiful. When you have a wrestler like me who takes it so seriously, I like having folks like that around to help balance me out."

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