Controversial WWE star breaks silence following massive allegations; pleads guilty

A WWE star broke silence following massive allegations
A WWE star broke silence following massive allegations

On the latest episode of WWE NXT, Andre Chase addressed the Chase University allegations and made some startling revelations.

The school he runs was being investigated for suspicious and illegal activities such as gambling and misuse of funds. During NXT this week, a press conference was held backstage where Mr. Chase spoke about the ongoing controversy. He was joined by Jacy Jayne, Duke Hudson, and Thea Hail.

Andre Chase stated that the university found itself in a difficult situation, as the accusations have landed them in severe debt. He then revealed that the allegations were all true and took responsibility for all the difficulties that put the school in debt.

The WWE star said he would work arduously to pay back as quickly as possible and restore the university to what it once was. He also accepted a few questions from the media. When asked how much he owes and to whom he owes it, Andre Chase said the amount wasn't important but significant.

He also apologized to the student body, stating that his irresponsibility caused this. It'll be interesting to see what happens on WWE NXT after the investigation is completed.

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