Corey Graves challenges WWE personality ahead of SmackDown

Corey Graves
Corey Graves is currently working as a commentator in WWE. [Image credits:]

Corey Graves laid down an interesting challenge to a WWE personality ahead of Friday Night SmackDown.

Wade Barrett has been a part of WWE's commentary team for quite a while now. He initially started off as a commentator in NXT before he made it to the main roster in October 2022.

Currently, Wade Barrett and Graves are the commentators for WWE SmackDown. Barrett recently took to social media to recommend a book named "The Wager: A Tale Of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murder." The former Intercontinental Champion used the word "Skullduggery" to describe the book.

Corey caught wind of this tweet and told him that they have two hours tomorrow during SmackDown to correctly use that word.

"You have exactly 2 hours tomorrow night to correctly and adequately use the word “Skullduggery.”"

Check out his tweet below:

Dutch Mantell slammed Corey Graves' commentary style

After Corey Graves' in-ring career ended due to injury, he was offered a commentary position, a role that he has now been in for several years. While he has been excelling in his role as commentator, Graves often comes under scrutiny for his commentary style.

During an episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk podcast, Dutch Mantell revealed that he didn't like Corey's announcing skills as he didn't bring anything unique to the table.

"I'm not a fan of that either. He is a better play-by-play commentator than he is a color commentator. I never liked him anyway. Not him, his announcing. There's nothing about it that's unique."


This week's episode of WWE SmackDown already promises to be a big one, with The Rock and Roman Reigns both set to make an appearance. This should give Corey Graves and Wade Barrett plenty of opportunity to incorporate the word "skullduggery" into the broadcast.

What are your thoughts on Corey's commentary skills? Sound off in the comments section.

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